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Why Email Should Be a Part of Every Promotional Campaign

August 18th, 2015 3:35pm by Kristi Hoeffer


Here at CoupSmart, we love email even though we aren’t an Email Service Provider (ESP), we don’t act as an email marketing agency or anything like that. We just think it’s the perfect complement to every promotional campaign our clients run and here are the top three reasons why:

1. Cost Effective Traffic Driver

Simply put, it’s the cheapest way to drive traffic to your promotion. Most email solutions either charge a flat fee based upon the number of your subscribers or a cost per email, but at most you should be paying a few cents per email. It’s a bargain compared to your average CPC campaign, and doesn’t require much time to set up either.

2. The Right Audience

Not only is email cheaper than virtually any paid advertising option, if you’ve built your email list up correctly, you’re guaranteed to be getting your promotion in front of the people most likely to participate in it. If your promotion involves sharing or any additional requirements, those are also the people who are most likely to go through those additional steps, further ensuring the success of your promotion.

3. Unparalleled Targeting

With the right ESP, you can also serve up the right customized content and promotions to the right consumer at the right time. One of our favorite scenarios is rather simple – redemption reminders. With the right combination of tools, you can track which consumers have claimed one of your promotions and which have actually redeemed. A set period of time before the promotion expires, simply send an email reminder to each consumer who hasn’t yet redeemed their promotion.

That said, it is important to have a large enough email list to drive a meaningful amount of traffic to your promotion. There are various ways to expand your email database that your ESP can provide, and all of our apps also provide opted-in emails that can be immediately added to your list. Want to learn more? Request a demo with one of our team members now.

Make Your Charity-Based Campaigns Even Better

August 12th, 2015 11:24am by Kristi Hoeffer

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We’re happy to announce our newest feature, the CoupSmart Donation Gate. This feature enables our clients to run promotions that incentivize consumers to donate to a charity they’ve partnered with in return for a deal. All donations are processed by CoupSmart and forwarded directly to the charity, making it simple to do a ‘good deed’ while driving more sales for your businesses and collecting consumer data.

The Donation Gate can be run across a variety of channels including websites, Facebook and mobile, and is perfect to help your holiday marketing campaigns gain even more traction. For instance, one of our clients is partnering with Toys for Tots and offering a bundle of coupons to consumers who donate at least $1. The campaign will be featured across websites, Facebook fan pages and mobile for consumers inside retail stores.


As with all of our products, campaigns using this feature capture the personal data of every consumer, including their name, email, and other demographic and psychographic information. This is all opt-in data, and can be immediately added to your customer list.

Interested to learn more about how the Donation Gate can help your holiday campaigns and others succeed? Request a demo here and one of our team members will quickly get back to you.

How to Drive Traffic to Digital Campaigns to Capture Consumer Data

July 29th, 2015 10:32am by Alex Brookbank

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Our marketing team has composed a white paper with an in-depth analysis of the ideal ways to drive traffic to digital campaigns to ignite engagement with followers and fans. Download the white paper to learn how to drive more traffic to digital campaigns.

Read How to Drive Traffic to Digital Promotions for Optimal Results, for three traffic-driving reasons:

-Drive traffic to digital promotions located on your own branded pages to increase conversions and sales.

-Drive traffic to reduce dependency on third party traffic, like destination sites.

-Drive traffic to your digital promotions’ to capture more consumer data.

 The CoupSmart System Captures More Consumer Data

When using CoupSmart’s data acquisition technology, more traffic equals more actionable data.

The platform uses coupons and promotions as a vehicle to collect granular level data from social media profiles and then packages that information for actionable consumer insights on the back-end. Like you, we believe that consumers should visit and stay on your branded pages with the ability to claim offers without completing and submitting long forms.

CoupSmart’s software utilizes promotions to discern actionable insight on customers who claim offers. Our application records the consumer’s birthday, accurate email address, age, location and Facebook likes as soon as they claim an offer! In our experience, companies who use this granular consumer level data have superior campaigns because they use the information collected to build loyalty and ultimately boost sales. Request a meeting with an account manager to learn more.

Three Benefits Of Geo-Targeting (Regional Flexibility) For Brands

July 21st, 2015 5:32pm by Alex Brookbank

BLOG 072115

Download the CoupSmart White Paper: How to Drive Traffic to Digital Promotions.

Geo-targeting enables brands, retailers, and QSRs to target consumers on laptops, tablets, or (primarily) mobile phones, based on their location. In the CPG industry, this is commonly known as regional flexibility.

Because of the benefits and advantages of geo-targeted advertising, it is growing at a rapid clip. Location-targeted mobile ad revenues in the U.S. will grow from $6.8 billion in 2015 to $18.2 billion in 2019, according to this report by BIA/Kelsey. This accelerated growth is attributable to key benefits enjoyed by brands.

What Are Some Of The Benefits of Regional Flexibility / Geo-Targeting?


Geo-targeting is faster to roll out than traditional advertising (television, print, radio) because it is digital, and due to this nature real-time feedback is available, unlike in traditional advertising channels. This feedback allows organizations to increase the budget of an on-going campaign that is performing well, or to reduce or stop a campaign midway because of under-performance. Since geo-targeting campaigns are more flexible, the old adage remains true: time is money.

Reduced Costs

Unlike paper coupons, a coupon sent via mobile based on a consumer’s location is more likely to be redeemed because it is more relevant and timely. In addition to this, a digital coupon does not have the overhead expense associated with expired offers.

Targeting Geographically

This is rather obvious but important nonetheless.  Targeting by region or geography helps brands engage with different regional cultures (such as Northern California versus Southern California) and develop more sophisticated testing, for instance, comparing different offers or promotions in the same region.

Geo-Targeting / Regional Flexibility Examples

In 2010, Starbucks became one of the first brands to run a campaign that relied on consumers opting-in to receive relevant messages based on their location and other relevant data. It worked alongside mobile carrier O2 delivering coupons to customers’ smartphones that enabled them to claim 50% off when they came within close proximity to a store. The delivery of the coupons was relevant and accurate and O2 customers were required to opt in, which removed the possibility of spamming.

In 2013, EA Sports used geo-targeted mobile advertising to promote the launch of their FIFA ’14 video game. The advertisements were shown to consumers within range of ‘football’ stadiums.

CoupSmart’s technology captures accurate data for brands and retailers by promoting digital campaigns to relevant consumers, and can do so based on their Facebook location – learn more here.

Download the CoupSmart White Paper: How to Drive Traffic to Digital Promotions.

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The 4 Elements That Drive The Most Traffic To Digital Promotions

July 15th, 2015 9:28am by Alex Brookbank

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A key ingredient in developing a successful marketing system is having the ability to drive traffic to branded, digital destinations. Being able to drive traffic to your own digital properties reduces reliance on third parties, increases brand awareness, and builds know-how in your organization.

From our recently completed white paper, How to Drive Traffic to Digital Promotions for Optimal Results, we share the top 4 elements that drive the most traffic to online campaigns/promotions. Download the free white paper.

Here are the top traffic-driving elements:

OneCreate a compelling offer for the consumer. Creating a compelling offer ensures that consumers actually click, claim, redeem, and interact with your campaign!

Two – Campaigns with top copywriting and design use the active, not the passive voice, and have an almost unhealthy focus on creating the most attention grabbing and relevant headline titles.

Three – Using multiple channels simultaneously leverages your current campaign and efforts on different platforms. This includes social media marketing, email marketing, and website marketing.

FourPaid advertising drives relevant and affordable traffic to a campaign’s landing pages. Don’t underestimate the combined power of Facebook and Google’s display advertising networks, as they hold a display advertising market share of 38%.

The CoupSmart system collects actionable, consumer data that builds-up brands, retailers, and QSRs’s consumer databases and reduces their dependence on third party destination sites. Learn more about the CoupSmart platform.

Read the white paper for detailed information about driving traffic to digital destinations.