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Advantages & Implications of Social Coupons

July 15th, 2014 1:27pm

What kind of coupons do you use? Where do you get them? For years, a common method to claiming a coupon has been Free Standing Inserts, a deal that can be found in newspapers or magazines.  For many companies, this has been an adequate approach for offering deals and promotions to consumers.   As our world continues to evolve, however, so has this approach.  One tool that has become increasingly purposeful is social media.   It now has much more to offer than your friends’ spring break photos and ever-recurrent status updates.  In fact, utilizing social media to push promotions is quickly becoming the unparalleled methodology for incentivizing and engaging customers. 

A mutually beneficial social opportunity
When it comes to social media, every fan and follower you have should be viewed as a potential customer. Why? Because, according to Nielsen, “The top reason for following or liking a brand, company or celebrity in social networking sites is to receive discounts and special offers.”

Facebook, in particular, is a great platform to successfully accomplish this.  Studies show that 79% of Facebook users will “like” a company page just to receive deals and promotions according to MarketForce.  A very similar outcome was found in a survey by Compete, who revealed the top reasons why Twitter users follow a brand. The number one reason (at 94%) was to receive discounts and promos.

Social coupons FTW
The benefits to using social media platforms are multi-faceted, and can propose many advantages to the company and it’s customers. 

  • Motivate purchases and increase your sales revenue
  • Boosting your fan page and/or number of followers
  • Raising your brand awareness
  • Facilitating customer engagement and interaction

To get the most out of your social marketing campaigns, you can use CoupSmart’s services to deliver content that goes beyond engagement. We not only help you distribute social coupons effectively, but most importantly, we help you learn more about your customers by capturing psychographic and demographic data.  By doing so, you can easily turn your fans into customers, and then use the collected data to retarget a particular sample of customers, or even engage them individually.

CoupSmart is a social marketing system that creates a measurable revenue stream from fan pages. Want to find out more? Click Here

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The Importance of A/B Testing with Social Coupons

July 9th, 2014 7:00am

Coupons are an inexpensive advertising option for packaged goods, retailers, and other businesses that are highly desirable by consumers. While the product or service can vary greatly, so does its consumer. It’s easy to simply place a free-standing insert into the Sunday paper, but do we really know if the offer is reaching the appropriate audience? With digital and social coupons, we have the advantage of finding ways to grab the attention of our targeted consumers. And while this may take extra effort, the payoff is significant. In 2013 alone, we saw consumers used over 2 billion digital and print-at-home coupons (Inmar 2014 Coupon Trends Report).

Companies that combined coupons with data capture opportunities gained better insight into the purchase behaviors of their customers. Once companies have captured data, they can make more informed marketing decisions. The one constant we see in digital and social coupon use however, is that based on the promotion or offer, no two audiences are the same. Even within our own client base, we’ve seen similar offers by similar businesses that produce drastically different results, and this is why A/B testing has become a necessity to ensure success in marketing online.

Some key factors to A/B test in your coupons and other promotions are:

Offer Value
Should you offer a percentage off or a flat amount? What’s the minimum value you can provide that will enable you to hit your print and redemption goals?

Expiration Date
What’s the ideal amount of time to give consumers to redeem a deal that will ensure they don’t forget it?

Promotional Strategy
What are the best channels to let consumers know about your offer, and where should you run ads driving traffic to the offer?

Is the design and copy appropriate? Are you drawing the attention of your audience and driving them to claim your offer?

At CoupSmart, we run A/B testing to discover solutions to questions like the ones above. So, if you’re having trouble determining whether your coupon should be “20% off” for six months, or “50% off” for two weeks, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you out.

CoupSmart is a social marketing system that creates a measurable revenue stream from fan pages. Want to find out more? Click Here

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Growing Adoption of Mobile Drives Online Shopping and Digital Coupon Usage

October 10th, 2013 10:27am

The most recent data available reports a growing adoption of mobile devices as a commerce tool for shoppers. Statcounter reports that 20% of global web traffic is via mobile devices. And according to Business Insider, commerce transactions via mobile jumped to 11% last year from 3% in 2010 — that means mobile consumer spending in 2012 reached $18.6 billion!

 Yes, mobile commerce is exploding as more and more shoppers have access to smartphones and tablets at any given time, and brands learn how to leverage these tools to make the shopping experience functional and convenient. The availability of digital coupons on mobile devices are one major factor increasing consumer willingness to shop via mobile. By making coupons simple, easy, and easy to find, shoppers will use these handy incentives to shop online and in-store. While many see a coupon and just think discount, the reality is that digital coupon users actually spend 23 percent more per shopping trip than the average shopper.

 Just looking at this graph from Nielsen showing the proliferation of mobile coupons for various categories makes it clear that there is business to be done if you can reach your customers on their device.

Reaching customers doesn’t always have to involve building out new technology. This is a large undertaking that few brands and retailers easily commit to. To start adding sales from mobile technology right now, the smart approach is to leverage the digital presence you already have — using your social media pages to deliver content with a clear call to action.

Not only are consumers walking around with their mobile devices all day, a large amount are accessing their social media accounts for updates. Facebook reports that 78% of their 128 million U.S. users are using the mobile version, and 71% of those are accessing it daily. Facebook has responded by building a more workable mobile platform, as well as additional tools to target posts and advertisements right in the mobile news feed.

So, with Facebook stepping up their mobile game, and fans by-and-large ‘liking’ brand pages in the hopes of getting some kind of special deal, brands have more incentive than ever to activate their fan base and finally get that ROI from social that has been so elusive.

CoupSmart’s suite of social apps is different from what other digital coupon providers offer. Our deals live right on your Facebook page with no need for a redirect. Required sharing can boost the virality of your great deal as fans spread the word to all their friends who see it in their mobile news feed. And, because all interaction takes place within our app, we track each personalized coupon from click to redemption, and gather user information to target future offers for more sales opportunities.

Interested in learning more? Drop us a line at and we’d be happy to take you through our products in detail.

CoupSmart is a social marketing system that creates a measurable revenue stream from fan pages. Want to find out more? Click Here

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Google’s New Secure Search Makes Shareable Content More Important Than Ever

October 3rd, 2013 3:00pm


Everyone wants a high ranking in Google Search, right? We all want to be found by potential customers searching for the very thing we offer, and we want to be on the list before our competitors. Google continually refines its search algorithm in order to bring forth the most relevant content for the user. So, the question then is how does Google determine who or what is the most relevant? This question now becomes more challenging than ever as Google has announced plans to encrypt all keyword search data from its users making this valuable SEO information unavailable to marketers.

In the 2013 Ranking Factor-Rank Correlation study for Google USA published by SEO company Searchmetrics, it is made clear that social signals above all else are now the main influencers of Google search ranking. Of the top 10 ranking factors 7 are social media related, with 4 of those factors being specifically related to Facebook activity. The fact is, if you’re not making waves on social media it will be hard to make them on Search.

image source: Searchmetrics

Those brands with URLs positioned well in Google Search rankings all tend to have a high number of likes, comments, and shares on their Facebook content. And, the way to get content shared on Facebook is to create shareable content. Among other things, shareable content offers value to the user – value that they want to pass on by sharing it with their friends on the network.

CoupSmart’s social apps bring your Facebook page to life, reaching out to your fans (and their friends) with digital coupons and exclusive offers they can’t get anywhere but on your Fan page. We handle the details. You get the likes and shares (plus actual purchases), while sending strong social signals to Google to rank you higher in search results. More people find your content, and around and around we go. Additionally, our apps collect and deliver the data you need to refine your targeting over time, building a broad base of loyal brand advocates willing to talk about you on Facebook.

Interested in learning more? Drop us a line at and we’d be happy to take you through our products in detail.

To see us in action, visit the Facebook page of Treasure Cave Cheese from your desktop/laptop.

CoupSmart is a social marketing system that creates a measurable revenue stream from fan pages. Want to find out more? Click Here

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Black Friday Sales: How a Social Gift Store on Facebook increases sales across all channels

September 26th, 2013 3:52pm

A key question for holiday retail is how the use of digital channels may impact consumer spending. Serving digital shoppers in a relevant manner, including being active on Facebook, is an obvious answer. What may not be so obvious are some of the findings as outlined in a recent study conducted by Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting and technology, who published “Digital Shopper Relevancy”. This report provides insight into when, where and how shoppers want to interact with a retailer or consumer products company through various channels (16,000 interviews, 16 countries).

Brand and Retail must focus on achieving a full and continually integrated conversation with shoppers to develop awareness via all channels. 71% of respondents cited Internet sites as the most important digital channel, and nearly half cited social media as the most relevant to learn about products.

Capgemini’s research also found some interesting correlations. For example, 56% of respondents said they were likely to spend more money at a physical store if they had used digital channels to research the product prior to purchase. And 55% said they were more likely to spend more money with a particular retailer if products were available anytime via any channel. The research demonstrates that shoppers are no longer loyal to an individual channel but rather to an experience across all channels.

One of the most effective ways to offer both social media research and an additional sales channel is with a Social Gift Store on Facebook. CoupSmart’s Social Gift Store App seamlessly integrates your branded customer shopping experience right on your Facebook page, next to your other page tabs. We do all of the installation and set-up for you. We have account managers and a step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to get your custom social gift store launched quickly and easily. The CoupSmart Social Gift Store pricing is a win-win because it is based on performance. We take a percentage of sales, allowing you to directly manage your operating costs.

Learn more now by reading about the CoupSmart Social Gift Store or contacting us at for a demo.

See our latest launch now by visiting the Ghirardelli Social Gift Store on Facebook from your desktop/laptop (will not display on Facebook Mobile).

CoupSmart is a social marketing system that creates a measurable revenue stream from fan pages. Want to find out more? Click Here

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