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Google’s New Secure Search Makes Shareable Content More Important Than Ever

October 3rd, 2013 3:00pm


Everyone wants a high ranking in Google Search, right? We all want to be found by potential customers searching for the very thing we offer, and we want to be on the list before our competitors. Google continually refines its search algorithm in order to bring forth the most relevant content for the user. So, the question then is how does Google determine who or what is the most relevant? This question now becomes more challenging than ever as Google has announced plans to encrypt all keyword search data from its users making this valuable SEO information unavailable to marketers.

In the 2013 Ranking Factor-Rank Correlation study for Google USA published by SEO company Searchmetrics, it is made clear that social signals above all else are now the main influencers of Google search ranking. Of the top 10 ranking factors 7 are social media related, with 4 of those factors being specifically related to Facebook activity. The fact is, if you’re not making waves on social media it will be hard to make them on Search.

image source: Searchmetrics

Those brands with URLs positioned well in Google Search rankings all tend to have a high number of likes, comments, and shares on their Facebook content. And, the way to get content shared on Facebook is to create shareable content. Among other things, shareable content offers value to the user – value that they want to pass on by sharing it with their friends on the network.

CoupSmart’s social apps bring your Facebook page to life, reaching out to your fans (and their friends) with digital coupons and exclusive offers they can’t get anywhere but on your Fan page. We handle the details. You get the likes and shares (plus actual purchases), while sending strong social signals to Google to rank you higher in search results. More people find your content, and around and around we go. Additionally, our apps collect and deliver the data you need to refine your targeting over time, building a broad base of loyal brand advocates willing to talk about you on Facebook.

Interested in learning more? Drop us a line at and we’d be happy to take you through our products in detail.

To see us in action, visit the Facebook page of Treasure Cave Cheese from your desktop/laptop.

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D² Cincinnati Encourages Digital Dialogue Between Brand And Customer (Video Previews)

September 3rd, 2013 1:25pm

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been helping to promote a September conference in CoupSmart’s hometown called D² Cincinnati. The 2-day event is put on by the Cincinnati chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and dunnhumbyUSA. Because the city is such a hub of consumer marketing expertise, it makes perfect sense to offer a customer-centric digital marketing dialogue right here with brands, retailers, and technology companies all taking part. And, with CoupSmart being a developer of customer-focused social technology, there are many conversations we’d like to have with those in attendance to make us all better at connecting with customers in meaningful ways.

In addition to keynotes from companies like Macy’s, Procter & Gamble, and Facebook, each breakout session looks to be full of information that will lead to the most engaging discussions around digital marketing you have heard all year. Below are a few Google Hangouts I did with D² speakers to offer a glimpse of the conversation they plan to have with attendees. The full list of speakers can be found here.


Brandon Faris, Director at LEAPframe takes a few minutes to chat about his upcoming session at D² – “Teleprompters Don’t Cry”

Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital & Nikki Means, CEO of Project Socialize sit down together to talk about their joint session at D² - “Visual Social Marketing: The Next Generation of Social Media”

Ryan Derrow, Vice President, Online Media at Empower MediaMarketing talks with me about his upcoming session at D² – “Ads in the Machine: Finding Your Audience Online”

Joe Robb, the Digital Marketing guy at SparkPeople, talks with me about his upcoming session at D² – “How We Made Pinterest a Traffic Juggernaut, and How You Can Too”

Dave Dorr, Creative Consultant at Epipheo, expands on his discussion topic for D² – “How to Suck at Surfing”. Simply put, marketers want their content to make waves, and there are specific ways to leverage existing movements to help bring people to your content and inspire them to share it with their friends.

CoupSmart is a social marketing system that creates a measurable revenue stream from fan pages. Want to find out more? Click Here

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How ‘Facebook for Business’ Can Impact Your Social Strategy

August 27th, 2013 12:41pm

In its continuing effort to improve and simplify its marketing and advertising processes, Facebook has launched the Facebook for Business Page. Thanks to last week’s launch, businesses can now find all the information they need to take advantage of Facebook’s potential as an advertising tool in one place.

Facebook is using the new page to reinforce its efforts to simplify its advertising and change the way brands approach advertising on the social network. Instead of choosing among Facebook’s several promotion vehicles, businesses will now indicate what their specific goals are for their advertising efforts and Facebook will recommend which of its advertising platforms are best suited to reach those goals.

In that same vein, businesses find similar goals under the “Get Started” tab on Facebook for Business, including: drive in-store sales, increase online sales, launch a new product, build awareness, and promote your app. Clicking through these links shows users detailed guides on using Facebook to achieve their business goals.

Moreover, Facebook has also organized its many tools by industry, allowing businesses in Retail or Consumer Goods to find guides for achieving goals more specific to their respective companies.

In addition, Facebook has consolidated all of its marketing and business news into its Facebook for Business blog in order to make the page a complete resource.

It seems like there’s never been a better time to take advantage of Facebook’s unique resources for advertising and marketing. Effective use of and advertising from a Facebook page can open a business up to thousands of potential fans and customers. However, since resources like Facebook for Business are available to everyone, it becomes even more important that a company differentiate itself from the mob of advertisers in the News Feed.

Businesses can achieve this posting compelling content that is useful to their fans and call them to make a purchase – and share with their friends. A well-crafted promotion catches the attention of the fan and compels them to act on the promotion before it expires. And if the content is truly compelling, the fan will share with their friends.

How can it get better? Well, after the initial purchase, a strong promotion should also be able to track the fan from claim to redemption in order to make follow-up offers and maximize ROI. Anything else just isn’t taking full advantage of what Facebook offers.

CoupSmart is a social marketing system that creates a measurable revenue stream from fan pages. Want to find out more? Click Here

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Mobile Commerce Is Changing The Way People Shop. Are you Embracing The Future?

August 22nd, 2013 8:00am

Some of the data from GfK’s recent tracking study on shopper habits is interesting, though not too surprising. More people are using tablets and smartphones to research products and make purchases, both in and out of stores. Yes, it’s true.

The question is how do brands and retailers get a hold of these customers when they are making purchase decisions via mobile? Ads? Maybe. But, do these work or just irritate? And, how do you know?

The most effective approach is to be helpful. Embrace the mobile revolution and use technology to make more money. More retailers could offer customers WiFi while inside the store, and make it easy to look up information on their products. Control the messaging by being their resource. Offer a code next to the price tag for more information on the product – where and how it’s made, what other options are available, what other customers think of it, where it may be cheaper. Are you being beaten on price? Deliver a social coupon to make up the difference…and then some. Use that interaction to obtain information that informs your marketing. Keep the customer at your store, and get that sale. Deliver more value and gain more in loyalty and social sharing.

Image courtesy of Flickr

CoupSmart is a social marketing system that creates a measurable revenue stream from fan pages. Want to find out more? Click Here

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Why Your Brand Should Close the Pop-Up Ads

August 9th, 2013 9:40am

In today’s internet experience, many sites are swamped with annoying pop-up ads that cover your computer screen. According to Hubspot, the average click through rate of these advertisements is a pitiful 0.1%. In addition, 65.2 million results appear on Google when “How to stop pop-up ads” is searched. Below are three reasons why the click through rate of Pop-up advertising has plummeted to 0.1%:

  • While there have been improvements to the personalization of pop-up ads, many companies do not utilize them. So, it is very likely that a majority of the viewers of your pop-up ad will have no interest in your product whatsoever. According to a recent survey, 74% of browsers get frustrated when they are forced to look at advertisements that are not relevant to their interests. In addition, 25% of browsers would give up chocolate for a whole month if they could find only advertisements relevant to their interests on all of their favorite sites.  This data shows that a major flaw in the pop-up ad is the fact that a majority of those that your pop-up ad reaches will have no interest in your product.
  • One common defense of the pop-up ad is that the more times you see the same advertisement, the more you will recognize the product being advertised. While a browser will recognize something they have seen multiple times, if that browser has no interest in the products your company is selling, then he/she will remember your company as the one that has been bothering them lately. Because 74% of browsers do not like looking at ads irrelevant to their interests, it is very likely that your pop-up ad will be helping your company generate recognition as that annoying and bothersome company. A customer that doesn’t know your company is better than a customer that dislikes your company, so pop-up ads will only help change those that were previously neutral about your brand into those that now are predisposed to dislike your brand.
  • The pop-up ad also fails to inform your brand of any information about your browsers. If your brand’s ads could acquire a small amount of personal information about the browsers that have clicked it, then it would allow your brand to have more successful marketing projects in the future. While it may seem difficult to acquire somebody’s personal information, the same survey linked above indicates that 57% of browsers said that they would give a business their personal information as long as they were getting something from that business in return. While personal information is something that is very beneficial to have and not that difficult to acquire, gathering somebody’s personal information is something the pop-up ad cannot do.

While the pop-up ad cannot do any of the above features, other digital tools such as social apps can. Social apps can deliver value to customers in the forms of incentives and digital coupons, contests, and other content. They don’t intrude on a browser’s privacy because it will only be accessed by browsers that are interested in a brand’s product. Values of a social app, such as social coupons, will help your company build a reputation as a brand that is generous and intriguing. Finally, social apps will only be accessed by those 57% of customers that are willing to give their personal information in return for something of interest, so you can acquire the personal information needed to better market to your customers in the future. If your company is still employing the pop-up ad, you may be hurting your chances at a sale more than helping it.

CoupSmart is a social marketing system that creates a measurable revenue stream from fan pages. Want to find out more? Click Here

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