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Black Friday Sales: How a Social Gift Store on Facebook increases sales across all channels

September 26th, 2013 3:52pm

A key question for holiday retail is how the use of digital channels may impact consumer spending. Serving digital shoppers in a relevant manner, including being active on Facebook, is an obvious answer. What may not be so obvious are some of the findings as outlined in a recent study conducted by Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting and technology, who published “Digital Shopper Relevancy”. This report provides insight into when, where and how shoppers want to interact with a retailer or consumer products company through various channels (16,000 interviews, 16 countries).

Brand and Retail must focus on achieving a full and continually integrated conversation with shoppers to develop awareness via all channels. 71% of respondents cited Internet sites as the most important digital channel, and nearly half cited social media as the most relevant to learn about products.

Capgemini’s research also found some interesting correlations. For example, 56% of respondents said they were likely to spend more money at a physical store if they had used digital channels to research the product prior to purchase. And 55% said they were more likely to spend more money with a particular retailer if products were available anytime via any channel. The research demonstrates that shoppers are no longer loyal to an individual channel but rather to an experience across all channels.

One of the most effective ways to offer both social media research and an additional sales channel is with a Social Gift Store on Facebook. CoupSmart’s Social Gift Store App seamlessly integrates your branded customer shopping experience right on your Facebook page, next to your other page tabs. We do all of the installation and set-up for you. We have account managers and a step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to get your custom social gift store launched quickly and easily. The CoupSmart Social Gift Store pricing is a win-win because it is based on performance. We take a percentage of sales, allowing you to directly manage your operating costs.

Learn more now by reading about the CoupSmart Social Gift Store or contacting us at for a demo.

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How ‘Facebook for Business’ Can Impact Your Social Strategy

August 27th, 2013 12:41pm

In its continuing effort to improve and simplify its marketing and advertising processes, Facebook has launched the Facebook for Business Page. Thanks to last week’s launch, businesses can now find all the information they need to take advantage of Facebook’s potential as an advertising tool in one place.

Facebook is using the new page to reinforce its efforts to simplify its advertising and change the way brands approach advertising on the social network. Instead of choosing among Facebook’s several promotion vehicles, businesses will now indicate what their specific goals are for their advertising efforts and Facebook will recommend which of its advertising platforms are best suited to reach those goals.

In that same vein, businesses find similar goals under the “Get Started” tab on Facebook for Business, including: drive in-store sales, increase online sales, launch a new product, build awareness, and promote your app. Clicking through these links shows users detailed guides on using Facebook to achieve their business goals.

Moreover, Facebook has also organized its many tools by industry, allowing businesses in Retail or Consumer Goods to find guides for achieving goals more specific to their respective companies.

In addition, Facebook has consolidated all of its marketing and business news into its Facebook for Business blog in order to make the page a complete resource.

It seems like there’s never been a better time to take advantage of Facebook’s unique resources for advertising and marketing. Effective use of and advertising from a Facebook page can open a business up to thousands of potential fans and customers. However, since resources like Facebook for Business are available to everyone, it becomes even more important that a company differentiate itself from the mob of advertisers in the News Feed.

Businesses can achieve this posting compelling content that is useful to their fans and call them to make a purchase – and share with their friends. A well-crafted promotion catches the attention of the fan and compels them to act on the promotion before it expires. And if the content is truly compelling, the fan will share with their friends.

How can it get better? Well, after the initial purchase, a strong promotion should also be able to track the fan from claim to redemption in order to make follow-up offers and maximize ROI. Anything else just isn’t taking full advantage of what Facebook offers.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Graph Search Ranking

August 2nd, 2013 8:40am

In the beginning of July 2013, Facebook began widely incorporating its new search engine, Facebook Graph Search. This program gives its users the options to search phrases such as “Photos I like” or “Restaurants nearby me that my friends like” so that the Graph Search user will be able to quickly find results for questions they may have. Graph Search uses an algorithm to rank its various search results, and below are the three best ways to get your company’s page ranked higher in the Graph Search algorithm:

Encourage Sharing: Graph Search will rank your company higher if more people have liked your profile and shared your page content. But, no one is going to share your content unless you give them a reason to. An effective way to get Facebook users to like and share your content is to utilize digital coupons that require the user to like your page and share your coupon to get the coupon itself. With this strategy, friends of the Facebook user who shared the coupon will see that deal on their friend’s Facebook walls and become interested in your  coupon. This friend will also like your page and share the coupon, and then his or her friends will be aware of it too. As this process continues, your digital coupon will spread virally, becoming very popular very quickly, raising your Graph Search ranking through social reach.

Offer Facebook apps prominently on your page: Graph Search has the ability to analyze your company’s Facebook page at any moment and access most of the activity that has ever taken place on that page. If Graph Search happens to find a current or past app on your page that received a lot of traffic, your Graph Search ranking will skyrocket. Any app will be acceptable, and some of the most common apps are minigames and surveys. On the other hand, an Online Gift Shop that offers a variety of your products for reasonable prices (possibly discounts) will be one of the best applications to display on your Facebook page because it will increase your company’s Graph Search ranking as well as generate revenue.

Engage Your Fans: Nothing will lower a company page’s Graph Search rank faster than a page that doesn’t engage their fans. Fan interaction can come in many different forms, including posts, surveys, games, questionnaires, or any other form of interactive post that will interest your fans. The more interaction of any kind a company has with its fans, the better its Graph Search ranking will be. Try different forms of engagement, and come back to the types of interaction that generate the most reaction from your fans.

Facebook Graph Search should hold a significant value to any retail or CPG business for one paramount reason: peer recommendations. Peer recommendations are more valuable to a customer than any form of advertising, and the option for a Graph Search user to search for “Brands that my Friends Like” makes Graph Search the perfect medium for your customers to find peer recommendations. Graph Search will allow large brands to focus less time and money on their advertising campaigns, while still gaining valuable customers who learn about the brand through peer recommendations.


Image courtesy of Google.

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Starbucks and Danone are joining forces. How can they use social media to improve market penetration?

July 29th, 2013 8:00am

Starbucks and Danone, the Paris-based parent of Dannon, have formed a partnership as a result of which an exclusive line of yogurt products will be sold in Starbucks Stores and later in groceries as well. This partnership is a part of Danone’s goal to increase yogurt consumption in the United States.

While Danone currently has the leading yogurt market share in the U.S. (about 30%), there is still a large opportunity for deeper market penetration. The per capita rate of yogurt consumption in the United States is approximately 24 cups per year, significantly lower than European countries. France for example, where Danone is based, consumes 144 cups per capita, about six times as many as in the U.S.

Danone’s partnership with Starbucks is the perfect opportunity through which the company can expose its products to the massive Starbucks customer base (more than 10,000 stores and nearly 35 million likes on Facebook).

Starbucks also benefits greatly from this arrangement as the coffee house tries to expand and improve upon its health and wellness food offerings. The partnership allows Starbucks to offer new products with an established partner brand in Dannon.

How can both Danone and Starbucks benefit even more from their partnership? By better taking advantage of Facebook and other social media. Granted, Starbucks already has nearly 35 million fans, so they’re doing something right. But what if those fans could become customers? The perfect time to run a social media promotion and monetize your fan base is during the introduction of a new product. Fans will see their loyalty rewarded by claiming an exclusive offer, and sales of the new product get a kick start.

Here’s how they could go about it:

  1. Announce the partnership on both pages and across all their social media platforms.
  2. Post an exclusive offer only fans can access and include a sharing requirement.
  3. Use a social application to facilitate the offer, collecting customer and usage data to better position future fan rewards, and drive repeat purchases and brand advocacy.

Starbucks benefits from a better understanding of their customers, Danone gets a wedge into Starbucks’ massive fan base, and they both reap the rewards of a well-designed promotion.

Photo Courtesy of Flickr

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How To Test The Waters Of Social Couponing

July 2nd, 2013 8:14am

The article below is a repost of a piece I wrote for Business2Community recently. You can view the original posting here.


When it comes to driving sales through social media channels the going can get tough, and lines may seem blurry. A lot of marketers are reluctant to ask for the sale for fear that they will turn off their fans. But, great deals are exactly what customers are looking for when they connect with a brand page. By failing to provide this incentive to fans on their page, brands miss out on a huge opportunity for customer satisfaction, viral reach, and increased sales.

As it happens, digital coupon users make 22% more shopping trips per year and spend 23% more on those trips than the average shopper. So, why not use your brand page as a way to deliver value to your customers, so they will spend more with you? Here are a few quick tips for using social coupons to increase your bottom line.

Set Limits – A common complaint of digital coupons is the assumption that they cannot be controlled. If you are using the right technology, this is absolutely not the case. Your service provider should allow for print limits to be set, so that you only distribute as many as you can afford. Plus, limiting the number available, along with a set time frame in which to claim the offer can make the call-to-action even greater. But, when doing the math remember the redemption rate for digital coupons is much higher than a traditional coupon due to it being more targeted, shareable, and searchable.

Experiment – Finding the right kind of offer that causes fans to click, share, and print may take some work. So, try out a few different deals over a period of time and measure the response. At the same time, experiment with ads and promoted posts to get the word out. Fans can’t print your coupon if they don’t know it exists! Also, make sure these coupon offers are unique to your brand page. If fans can get the same deal from their Sunday paper it is unlikely that they will be motivated to go to your page to get it, much less share it with their friends.

Dig Down Deep – After running a successful campaign, you may be wondering what comes next. Well, that depends on the kinds of tool you are using to deliver the coupon in the first place. A good social app employs technology that not only delivers the coupon to fans, but can track the use of that coupon – shares, prints, redemptions – and learn enough about the fans themselves to follow up, building long-term value. It’s not just about driving one purchase. It’s about a greater ability to turn fans into repeat customers over time.

Your fans are often your most loyal and active customers. Offering them an incentive will help to strengthen that relationship, and encourage them to become social advocates for your brand. This all adds up to a strong social media leg to your marketing strategy that adds revenue you can see.

 Image courtesy of CoupSmart. Not a valid coupon. 

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