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DIY, You Don’t Need Us – It’s a Self-Service Model

December 14th, 2015 5:04pm

Promotions Can’t Stand on Their Own

September 2nd, 2015 4:09pm

With digital and social channels taking over marketing, the days of running successful, stand-alone promotions and coupons are rapidly disappearing. When consumers look at the promotions your brand runs, they’re also looking at everything else that your brand is doing across a multitude of traditional and digital channels. There is no void that promotions can exist in anymore – it’s all one big interconnected experience for consumers.

So what’s the key metric for promotions in this new environment? In a word, Traffic.

This can come from a variety of sources, but the most cost-efficient traffic comes from a brand’s own website(s), social pages and email lists. After all, it’s a lot cheaper to get a promotion in front of a consumer who’s already visiting your website, signed up for an email list or engaged with your social channels (or who even just has a friend who’s engaged with your social channels) than constantly purchasing digital or (especially) traditional media advertising.

It takes commitment to build up traffic from these sources, however, and it takes more than just offering coupons from time to time. Consumers now expect to have a variety of high quality content create for them by brands, content that is truly interesting and well-produced.

We always find the broad term “high-quality content” frustrating though. What does that really mean when applied to what consumers are looking for from your brand? Promotions themselves always rank high on the list, but that’s just the tip of the content iceberg. To make it easy, here are a few key areas for you and your agency to focus on (and you can find out more in this fantastic article on Social Media Strategies Summit).

  • Exclusive experiences for consumers on a particular channel
  • Getting new information on your products and brand activities first
  • Opportunities for customers to offer direct feedback on your products and services

Beyond all of this, our personal favorite option for high-quality content is also the easiest: reposting content from others that is relevant to your key customers and is timely. For example, if you are selling primarily to mothers of young, school-age children, occasional helpful articles on back-to-school items or tasks during the months of July and August would be a great choice. Just be sure that there is a credible tie-in between the articles that you repost and your brand, and ALWAYS be sure to properly credit the source of your content if you’re not providing a direct link to it.

Want to learn more about capturing psychographic and demographic information on your customers that can be used to create fantastic content? Request a demo of the CoupSmart platform with one of our team members.

What Does the Increase in Ad-Blocking Mean to the Coupon Industry?

August 26th, 2015 4:30pm

Recent reports, such as this one by Business Insider, have made one thing clear: Consumers are rapidly adopting ad-blocking software. In fact, as of June 2015 almost 200 million consumers are using ad-blocking software, that’s almost a 100% year over year increase. At CoupSmart, we believe this trend will have several key impacts on how promotions are run, including:

Higher Focus on Quality Creative and Content

Word of mouth, whether through social, digital or email, will become more important as display advertising loses effectiveness. If a promotion is truly interesting and sharable, it has the potential to reach more consumers in a more effective way than display ads.

With the algorithms that various social networks use to display content, this also means it’ll be much harder for offers to live in a vacuum. Consistent, high-quality content campaigns will be needed to fill the void between promotions, ensuring:

  • Consumers engage with your brand
  • Organic traffic is substantially effect your sales

Increasing Importance of Building Customer Databases

This technological shift has made it even more important to build, maintain and continue growing your brand’s own customer database, especially a list of high quality email addresses for direct communication. With industry average open rates typically between 15-20%, email currently is one of the most effective ways to get in front of your customers and potential customers, and this will continue as it becomes harder for display advertising to reach your target audience at the right time.

In addition to emails, it’s also important to collect demographic and psychographic information on your customers. Not only can this be used to target email marketing campaigns better, it’s also a ready source of data on what sort of content you should create to have the best chance for your promotions to resonate with your customers.

Continuing Focus on Mobile

While Apple may be trying to change how mobile works, due to various technical limitations, it’s still much harder for consumers to effectively block ads on their mobile devices. This increases the importance of a channel that was already taking a larger and larger share of the display advertising market.

A few simple ways to ensure that promotions are always compatible with mobile options is to design responsive ads that works on a mobile device or desktop on your web-based campaigns, and make use of shortened URL that can direct traffic easily (especially if Facebook apps are involved).

While the end result of this increase in ad-blocker usage is uncertain, we think this represents a fantastic opportunity for marketers. It’s a chance to really show the following:

  • The value marketers provide to organizations by going beyond simple automated ad testing
  • An understanding of what potential customers are looking for from brands
  • The opportunity to create content that truly resonates with customers

Want to learn more about capturing granular personal data on your customers that can be used to build up your brand’s database and create great content campaigns? Request a demo with one of our team members now.

4 Ways Social Media Is Changing Couponing Forever

February 16th, 2015 6:30pm

social coupons (1)

Everyone knows about digital coupons’ load to card and print-at-home options. Everyone knows about social media. But not everyone knows about social coupons that tap into new opportunities offered by major social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Social Coupons use social platforms for log-in authentication and data collection while distributing those coupons across multiple channels (social, web, and mobile).

These platforms provide several new advantages for the brand and digital marketer that are affecting the landscape of the digital coupon industry. Here’s how:

1. Coupon Destination Sites Are Becoming Less Important

Destination sites, such as, Inc., focus on driving consumers to their own digital properties. When brands place coupons and offers in such environments they can reach consumers at scale but inevitably end up repeating campaign after campaign because they’re effectively “renting” access to consumers. In an ideal world, brands place coupons and promotions on their own properties, gaining more traffic and capturing personal data from their customers in the process.

The new technology behind social coupons, however, makes it much more practical for brands to offer coupons exclusively through their own websites and social media pages while still generating the volume they need to run a successful campaign. Brands still receive the same basic business benefits of promotional campaigns (sales and trial) but they build up their own traffic and customer lists at the same time. These platforms also make it much easier to collect personal consumer data and further increase the value a brand receives from running promotional campaigns.

2. Consumers’ Demographic and Psychographic Data Are More Accessible

In addition to traditional demographic data (age, gender, and location), psychographic data (likes and interests) is facilitating content marketing and remarketing campaigns that give an ROI boost to brands’ previous digital investments in email and CRM systems.

Campaign-level data such as views and prints remain valuable, but individuals’ social profile data is rising in importance and relevance. For instance, popular vendors such as, Inc., and coupon aggregators RetailMeNot, Inc., and, Inc., give back high-level campaign data like views and prints to their customers, but more meaningful individual-level data is limited. Conversely, social coupon vendors, such as CoupSmart, typically access individual social profiles, capturing key demographic and psychographic data for brands, unlocking more value from the same digital promotions.

3. Social Media and Content Marketing Are More Powerful with Remarketing Campaigns

Social Media and Content Marketing continue to serve as a foundation of marketing strategies. The Content Marketing Institute states: (1) 77% of B2C marketers have a content strategy, (2) B2C marketers use an average of seven content marketing social media platforms to distribute content, and (3) B2C marketers are working on an average of 13 initiatives – better converting of website visitors is a top priority.

The data captured from social couponing campaigns is reusable through remarketing campaigns. The additional marketing insights gained from this data pave the way for more effective customized content campaigns across social media and email.

4. Social Coupons Increase Conversion Rates

Social coupons use social login for validation and security, removing the need to force consumers to download software or fill out registration forms. Whether the coupon is embedded on a brand’s website, a mobile property, or a social media platform, such as Facebook, the application integrates and offers a similar experience across all these channels. Studies demonstrate that conversion rates for Facebook applications are far superior (around 80%) to traditional registration forms’ conversion rates (around 11%). Read the details in a previous blog post.


Measuring the ROI of social media and content marketing is a significant challenge for brands – running promotional campaigns on social technology alleviates these challenges. Social coupons make sense because they have instantaneous reach and real-time engagement, focus on better data, and maintain all of the best benefits of traditional couponing.

Where can you learn more about social coupon technology?

Learn more about using us as your technology vendor for social promotions and coupons in 2015-2016. Message us today at

Author: Alex Brookbank, Channel Marketing Manager,

Mobile Coupons are a Creative Way to Connect to Facebook Fans

February 3rd, 2015 12:56pm

Mobile advertising and traffic has exploded, and a recipient of that trend is Facebook.

Facebook is Dominant
Facebook, the powerhouse that keeps on rolling; Facebook leads all other social platforms in market penetration and advertising revenue.  In Q4 2014, Facebook’s Average Revenue Per User reached $9.00 up from $6.03 a year earlier. It also maintained a 71% market share and usage percentage of 58% among US adults.

Facebook’s large gains and continued market share dominance are a result of its successful performance in mobile over the last few years. Facebook’s revenue model and users are heavily dependent on its mobile application.

Mobile Users and Ad Revenue is Facebook’s Bread and Butter
In Q4 2014, Facebook’s revenues grew by 53%, and its mobile advertising’s share of revenue climbed to 69%, up from 53% a year earlier. Many Facebook users sign into Facebook twice daily, and the majority of them visit the Facebook app on their mobile device.

With such an active and engaged mobile-app user base, mobile advertisements and posts on Facebook have high visibility. Offering mobile coupons and offers through promotional campaigns is one clever method to take advantage of this pattern.

Reaching Mobile Users on Facebook Through Digital Promotions
Placing a mobile coupon, promotion, or offer on Facebook can reach this gigantic user base through brands’ fans. This type of coupon has all the benefits of traditional couponing tactics, while additionally capturing quality consumer data for retargeting purposes. One of the ways that you can do this is illustrated below…


The Advantages of Mobile Offers on Facebook
There are three benefits for brands that use mobile coupons on Facebook’s platform.

  1. Support business objectives through digital promotions (sales, market share)
  2. Social reach (brand awareness)
  3. Data acquisition (the CoupSmart platform) for email retargeting and deeper insights from demographic and psychographic data

Are you curious about running mobile coupons or offers on Facebook with your brand? Contact our team at, or marketing manager (Alex) at