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Big Data: Behind the scenes and what it means [Infographic]

August 22nd, 2014 1:14pm

Big Data Infographic

Social Media Stats to Supplement Your Strategy

August 14th, 2014 10:50am

Social media is no longer a “young man’s game”.  Moms, businessmen, teachers, mailmen… they use it, and I’d  be willing to bet that you’re using some form of social media too.  And with a little information, it wouldn’t be difficult to pinpoint exactly which ones you use, and how much time you spend interacting with them.

Daniel Keys Moran once said, “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data”.  Furthermore, with the right data, you can have access to powerful information. So where can you find the right data?  Social media.

Collectively, there are many benefits to using social media.

  • It offers a channel for you to stay connected to your audience
  • It provides validation
  • It builds awareness
  • It effectively pulls in traffic and increases your exposure
  • It contains valuable insights about your audience

That being said, each platform is functionally unique and is used by different people to accomplish different objectives.  The key is to identify which platforms are most applicable to you.  Having a social media account is not enough. Be active, and make sure you are using each  one in it’s full potential.  Check out the figures below  and use the data to start optimizing your social activity.

Sources: The Social Media Hat, Expanded Ramblings, StratistaMarketing Pilgrim

Advantages & Implications of Social Coupons

July 15th, 2014 1:27pm

What kind of coupons do you use? Where do you get them? For years, a common method to claiming a coupon has been Free Standing Inserts, a deal that can be found in newspapers or magazines.  For many companies, this has been an adequate approach for offering deals and promotions to consumers.   As our world continues to evolve, however, so has this approach.  One tool that has become increasingly purposeful is social media.   It now has much more to offer than your friends’ spring break photos and ever-recurrent status updates.  In fact, utilizing social media to push promotions is quickly becoming the unparalleled methodology for incentivizing and engaging customers. 

A mutually beneficial social opportunity
When it comes to social media, every fan and follower you have should be viewed as a potential customer. Why? Because, according to Nielsen, “The top reason for following or liking a brand, company or celebrity in social networking sites is to receive discounts and special offers.”

Facebook, in particular, is a great platform to successfully accomplish this.  Studies show that 79% of Facebook users will “like” a company page just to receive deals and promotions according to MarketForce.  A very similar outcome was found in a survey by Compete, who revealed the top reasons why Twitter users follow a brand. The number one reason (at 94%) was to receive discounts and promos.

Social coupons FTW
The benefits to using social media platforms are multi-faceted, and can propose many advantages to the company and it’s customers. 

  • Motivate purchases and increase your sales revenue
  • Boosting your fan page and/or number of followers
  • Raising your brand awareness
  • Facilitating customer engagement and interaction

To get the most out of your social marketing campaigns, you can use CoupSmart’s services to deliver content that goes beyond engagement. We not only help you distribute social coupons effectively, but most importantly, we help you learn more about your customers by capturing psychographic and demographic data.  By doing so, you can easily turn your fans into customers, and then use the collected data to retarget a particular sample of customers, or even engage them individually.

Cincinnati Open Device Lab – First Look (VIDEO)

April 9th, 2013 8:15am

Cincinnati’s first Open Device Lab is – as the name suggests – open! If you’re looking to test your developing app, program, or website, please feel free to stop by any time Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM. We currently have 4 devices and a testing rig all set up. Best of all, it’s completely free!

To find out what specific devices we have, watch below as CoupSmart’s Kara Loo walks us through the setup:

Click here for more information, or to find out how you can donate devices to the Cincinnati Open Device Lab.

Follow The Eyeballs To Mobile

April 5th, 2013 8:40am

Where the eyeballs go, so goes social.

Social media is the night club of the Internet. Whatever’s hot, fun, and young right now rules the day. MySpace gave way to Facebook. Digg gave way to Reddit.

And now, desktop is giving way to mobile.

More than 57% of Americans own a smartphone, so it only makes sense. If your business model favors digital marketing, you might want to revisit how you’re spending your digital dollars. If it’s all on desktop banner ads, now’s the time to upgrade your digital marketing to make sure it follows the eyeballs onto smaller screens.

Here are three main tips for getting the most out of a mobile consumer:

1. Make sure your business is reachable on mobile. If a potential customer was walking near your business, could they find it on their phone? They’d better be able to. The best way to start is to make sure your business is on Google Local. An address, a phone number, and hours of operation are the most important elements here. And while you’re at it, update your Facebook Page to include the information, too.

2. Make sure your website is accessible on mobile. Your website may look beautiful and perfect on a desktop or laptop computer, but it may be a nightmare to navigate on a mobile device. A redesign may be in order, in which case you can look into responsive design, which allows a website to “stretch” to fit the screen it’s being viewed on.

3. Make sure you’re giving a mobile device user a compelling reason to stop by. Being accessible via mobile is great, but a reason to actually come in and take those eyeballs from smartphone screen to checkout line is going the extra mile. Having smartphone-only deals or rewards is one of the best ways to get nearby customers into your store.

To truly understand all your business can do with mobile, check out Google’s slick video here.

If you’re in the Cincinnati area and want to make sure your business’ website looks great on mobile, stop by the new Open Device Lab starting Monday to test it out for yourself.