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Understanding Consumer Coupon Activity

September 23rd, 2015 1:35pm

The CoupSmart platform helps brands run promotions and collect granular consumer data. This means coupons. A lot of coupons. We’ve analyzed the millions of coupons we’ve delivered for clients, and here are some of the interesting data points we’ve found regarding the days, times and channels consumers are most active on for various industries.

CoupSmart Infographic

Promotions Can’t Stand on Their Own

September 2nd, 2015 4:09pm

With digital and social channels taking over marketing, the days of running successful, stand-alone promotions and coupons are rapidly disappearing. When consumers look at the promotions your brand runs, they’re also looking at everything else that your brand is doing across a multitude of traditional and digital channels. There is no void that promotions can exist in anymore – it’s all one big interconnected experience for consumers.

So what’s the key metric for promotions in this new environment? In a word, Traffic.

This can come from a variety of sources, but the most cost-efficient traffic comes from a brand’s own website(s), social pages and email lists. After all, it’s a lot cheaper to get a promotion in front of a consumer who’s already visiting your website, signed up for an email list or engaged with your social channels (or who even just has a friend who’s engaged with your social channels) than constantly purchasing digital or (especially) traditional media advertising.

It takes commitment to build up traffic from these sources, however, and it takes more than just offering coupons from time to time. Consumers now expect to have a variety of high quality content create for them by brands, content that is truly interesting and well-produced.

We always find the broad term “high-quality content” frustrating though. What does that really mean when applied to what consumers are looking for from your brand? Promotions themselves always rank high on the list, but that’s just the tip of the content iceberg. To make it easy, here are a few key areas for you and your agency to focus on (and you can find out more in this fantastic article on Social Media Strategies Summit).

  • Exclusive experiences for consumers on a particular channel
  • Getting new information on your products and brand activities first
  • Opportunities for customers to offer direct feedback on your products and services

Beyond all of this, our personal favorite option for high-quality content is also the easiest: reposting content from others that is relevant to your key customers and is timely. For example, if you are selling primarily to mothers of young, school-age children, occasional helpful articles on back-to-school items or tasks during the months of July and August would be a great choice. Just be sure that there is a credible tie-in between the articles that you repost and your brand, and ALWAYS be sure to properly credit the source of your content if you’re not providing a direct link to it.

Want to learn more about capturing psychographic and demographic information on your customers that can be used to create fantastic content? Request a demo of the CoupSmart platform with one of our team members.

Are Coupons A Marketing Vehicle For More Actionable Data In 2015?

May 11th, 2015 4:10pm

Q: Wouldn’t you want to know how to fine-tune your marketing campaigns based on your customers’ actions?

Traditionally, coupons have been tools to drive sales and gain market share. However, the advent of digital coupons and digital technology has made more than one path available for vendors to innovate, and create additional value-adds.

One of these paths is data acquisition. In addition to driving sales and market share, coupon campaigns can be used to acquire more consumer data. This acquired data can encourage repeat purchases through remarketing campaigns, and more loyalty, through data analysis.

Data can be filtered into three broad types for marketing departments: they are customer, operational, or financial data. Customer data – behavioral, attitudinal, and transactional – fuels marketing teams’ decision-making based on customers’ actions, like redemptions, or claims.

In theory, the more quality data that you have, the better decisions you’ll make.  Of course, that is not guaranteed - because a team has to execute – but it does offer potential benefits. For instance, data-driven coupon campaigns can provide or answer the following:

  1. Determine what really makes your customers tick.
  2. Set baseline metrics to measure or review your campaign’s results.
  3. Focus on the few points that truly matter.
  4. What is driving your customers’ behavior/actions?
  5. Target specific and highly relevant customer niches.

A third party vendor provides brand and retailers an experienced hand to help run data-driven campaigns that provide positive ROI.

Data collected from a recent campaign will be relevant and accurate. Data that provides depth will include demographic and psychographic (likes and interests) information for deeper analysis and detailed context for remarketing campaigns.

For example, if you could identify the the Top 5 geographies that gave you the highest V2C conversion rate, wouldn’t you want to target more of your marketing dollars to that segment during the next campaign? Or, for instance, would you want to know customers’ campaign activity (view-to-claim rate) based on their likes and interests? The following chart details an ecommerce client’s customers’ view-to-claim (V2C) ratios based on their Likes and interests. 

v2c claim ratio by likes


Any good marketer can figure out how to productively re-purpose this vital information somewhere in their marketing strategy.

It is imperative that your data is accurate and actionable. Are you acquiring your data from an active campaign? And can that data be used to support long-term sales gains? Send us a message to find out.

To learn more about our powerful platform click here.

Why CoupSmart is Your Agency’s Next Great Partner

March 9th, 2015 2:08pm

blog image-031015

Brand and digital agencies are one reason why new technologies and innovations are introduced to and implemented in CPGs and retailers. This is beneficial for the brand because it can result in positive business results, i.e., a new idea or process can directly impact sales or improve the bottom-line.

Oftentimes an agency executes a successful campaign or tells a great marketing story. Other times, an agency champions a new product innovation, improving margins or growing sales for the brand. In these situations, the technology provider finds the agency, or the agency finds the technology provider.

CoupSmart is a technology provider, and we are reaching out to you.

We find new clients in one of two ways. The first is the more traditional approach – communicating directly with the CPG or retailer, and establishing a business relationship. The second and more productive way is to communicate and then partner with other technology vendors, consultants, or branding/digital agencies.

Why your agency or company should consider partnering with CoupSmart.

  1. No retainer to pay, no technology to purchase.
  2. You can help your clients (run campaigns with transparent results and capture high-quality data).
  3. You can offer a unique technology/product to your clients (differentiating you from peers).

More often than not, companies and products want to become your partner to sell you something. In our world, partnering with you means helping your clients to achieve their goals. Our technology adds a unique product to your portfolio. This technology solves several pain points that brands and retailers face.

These are the five challenges that CoupSmart can solve for brands and retailers in your network.

One: The need for a coupon solution (or an alternative).

Two: The need to to build or further develop their CRM.

Three: The need to have an effective remarketing tool.

Four: The need for more consumer data for customer insights.

Five: The need to leverage their Facebook fans.

A need for any of the five is an opportunity to open a dialogue with you. Request a demo or contact us today.

How to Use Social Coupons to Remarket to Your Customers

December 18th, 2014 6:44pm

How to Use Social Coupons to Remarket to Your Customers

Does your brand use digital coupons (print-at-home) in your online strategy? Are you looking to find more value in the stratagem, such as increasing customer loyalty or gaining more data? A digital promotions platform with social coupons is an approach worth considering.

As digital coupons have higher redemption rates compared to traditional coupons (cite) and drive sales for brands and products because of convenience and ease of use. Social coupons are placed on platforms like Facebook and also inherit these same characteristics while adding better metrics, speed, usage and sharability.

Most importantly, they provide social visibility for brands and customer data acquisition, which is highly valuable. The strategic value of coupons increases as personal, re-marketable data is captured, like email addresses.

CoupSmart is a digital promotions platform that uses social coupons to drive sales and capture valuable data to deliver higher conversion rates and re-marketable email lists for its clients. The capturing of customer email addresses allows different consumer segments to be targeted, creating the ability to remarket.

The 4 Steps to Remarket to Your Customers

Capturing valuable consumer data from social coupons expands the business use-case of current investment cycles, by enabling brands to remarket and retarget its customers, increasing your ROI. Here’s how:

  1. Run a Coupon Campaign with Facebook’s API

CoupSmart’s digital promotions software is integrated with Facebook. Therefore, a coupon campaign can run on a Facebook Fan Page or another digital property, such as the web or mobile-optimized sites, using Facebook as the control.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 2.22.09 PM

  1. Capture Customer Data When a Coupon is Claimed

When claiming the coupon, the consumer is required to authorize Facebook App Permissions to finalize the claim. When the coupon is claimed, the brand captures 17 key indicators from the customer’s Facebook profile, including, email address, demographics, psychographic, and campaign-level data (views, claims, geography). At CoupSmart, this method of data capture is more than 90% effective. This process is illustrated below:


  1. Then, Plug Customer and Campaign Data Back Into Your Marketing Database (with a CSV File or ESP integration)

Campaign and customer data is recycled back to the brand through an Email Service Provider, an existing CRM system, or through CoupSmart’s own email platform. Email Service Providers (ESPs) have many targeting tools to use.

  1. Remarket, Retarget, and Grow

While the possibilities are many, typical use cases are:

(1)    Coupon redemption reminders

(2)    Birthday deals

(3)    Relationship status updates (recently engaged or married)

(4)    Customized content based on likes and interests

(5)    Many clients use the ‘overall data‘ to determine the future content mix of marketing campaigns across the entire spectrum

Additional Pros of CoupSmart’s Digital Promotions Platform

  • No software or print-driver download is needed
  • Shareable
  • World-class security and fraud prevention
  • Demographic and psychographic data
  • Higher conversion rates

When Does the CoupSmart Platform Make Sense?

When your clients, prospects, or brand managers ask about promotions, coupons, rebates, contests, data, building their CRM and email platforms, or, when they say “I’m simply not getting the data back from my current coupon vendor”.

How Do I Learn More?

Learn how to remarket to your customers with digital coupons, and request a CoupSmart demo today. Or call us at 513-374-6276!